Actor Ian Ziering (“Beverly Hills”) violently attacked in the street by bikers: the shocking video

It’s a chilling video, but fortunately, despite the violent blows he received, Ian Ziering is fine. This Sunday, December 31, 2023, in the streets of Los Angeles, the cult actor of the series Beverly Hills was targeted by many bikers, for unclear reasons which still remain to be clarified. In this video, published by TMZ, we can see Ian Ziering getting out of his car to chat with a gang of bikers, but they immediately attack him physically. Numerous blows followed, which Ian Ziering tried in vain to dodge. Annoyed, he responds to blows with blows, and the situation quickly escalates.

In the rest of this video, Ian Ziering manages to escape, but his experienced attackers decide to pursue him on the sidewalk. They hit him with further violent blows, before finally leaving after several minutes. The actor returns to his vehicle and leaves, under the haggard gaze of passers-by who witnessed this scene of rare violence. For the moment, Ian Ziering has not reacted on social networks, and the scene remains vague and unexplained. According to TMZ, a police report was however able to be established, in which the actor who will celebrate his 60th birthday next March is named as the victim.

His career ended in 2020, he no longer has any projects

An investigation has been opened to determine the exact causes of this brawl. However, investigators are faced with serious difficulties, since they must now succeed in finding the identity of the bikers. No arrests have been made at this stage, all the bikers being logically helmeted, and difficult to identify. The actor, father of two daughters he had with his ex-wife Erin Ludwig from whom he has been divorced since 2019, has lived in Los Angeles for many years. Since 2020, Ian Ziering’s career seems to have stalled since the American actor no longer appeared on television and in films

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