acid comedy on the art market

The cinema releases of the week with Thierry Fiorile and Matteu Maestracci: “Le Tableau purlé” by Pascal Bonitzer and “Une affair de principle” by Antoine Raimbault.



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The stolen painting by Pascal Bonitzer is inspired by a true story. In the early 2000s, a painting by Egon Schiele, stolen from a Jewish family during the war, was found in the house of a working-class family in Mulhouse. Very quickly, the question of the authenticity of the painting was resolved; what was at stake was the sale of this work.

The cynical auctioneer, his mythomaniac intern, his more rounded colleague, the lawyer for the owners of the canvas and the rights holders, and the elusive intermediaries: we are on the same level in a civilized environment, but where every time are permitted.

Pascal Bonitzer films the clash of two worlds with fine humor. As a brilliant screenwriter, he wrote salient characters, whose frictions offer beautiful moments of play, we let ourselves be drawn into this story, which is not limited to describing the world of the art market.

A matter of principle by Antoine Raimbault

A film which takes us behind the scenes of the European institutions, in Strasbourg and Brussels, but also a little back in time, since it takes place in 2012, the year when the European Commissioner for Health, John Dalli, was suddenly dismissed under conditions strange, while he carried a harsh directive for the tobacco industry.

The environmentalist MEP José Bové, although Dalli’s political opponent, smelled the trick and launched a counter-investigation, which revealed that the commission headed at the time by Jose Manuel Boroso had, to say the least, left the lobby of the tobacco act illegally behind the scenes.

It’s Bouli Lanners who plays José Bové, Thomas VDB – real name, Thomas Vandenberghe –her parliamentary attaché, Céleste Brunnquell, is a fictional intern. A pretty crazy trio, which spices up this office thriller.

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