AC Milan – Inter: the Milanese tifosi remain cautious before the derby in the semi-finals of the Champions League

The Milanese are preparing for an exceptional derby which will be played for the semi-finals of the Champions League. But between caution and superstition, the tifosi are not yet at the party.

Milan are strong in the Champions League. The second semi-final on Wednesday May 10 will see AC Milan face off against Inter Milan. A Milan derby, called the “Derby della Madonnina” in the most prestigious European competition, a first for 20 years, since the two teams have already faced each other at this level of the competition.

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But it’s a funny atmosphere in Milan, the tifosi are not out on the Duomo square. Technicians are busy setting up a scene, but it won’t even be for the part with a giant screen. “And no nothing at all in Milan, we can’t see the match. The stage is planned for a concert on May 20explains Laura, 17, supporter of AC Milan.

“I will be at the stadium so I don’t need a giant screen.”

Laura, Milanista

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Laura took her picture in front of the large AC Milan logo installed in front of the Duomo. On the other hand, there is nothing for Inter. Orid is a little lonely but he has been supporting his team all the time: “I started following football when I was five and at the time Inter were winning all the time from 2005 to 2010. They won five championships in a row.”

“I always saw Inter winning and I became a supporter.”

Orid, Interista

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The AC Milan tifosi seem to be more numerous in the city and some even come from afar. Gadana is 45 years old and lives in Messina in Sicily, from generation to generation his family has always supported AC Milan. “From a very young age, my father made me watch Milan matches on TV or at the Messina stadium for the Italian Cup.tells the Milanista. I’ve been here before with my dad for the Champions League. There are French people in this team, let’s hope they play better than usual so that we can rejoice even more!”

A more European than Italian atmosphere

Milanista and Interista remain cautious before their derby. The atmosphere is rather good-natured. Today, players can move from one team to another which was unthinkable in the 1980s when Aldo Serena went back and forth. The Italian international won the championship with both teams and what matters most to him is the derby: “The derby is always a wonderfully exciting match. Red and blue are also the colors of the two elements of fire and water which are united by black. For me, this European derby, like 20 years ago , is not the most important. I would love even to spend ten minutes on the pitch of a minor league derby, a 0-0, I would gladly go!”

An atmosphere far from a certain Italian fervor? On a terrace of the town hall, which overlooks the Duomo square, Sky television has set up a studio. “There will be a bit of a party after the gamesays Andrea, a sports journalist. But before the match we will not see the images that we saw in Naples, it will be more peaceful. Milan lives in a more European than Italian way.” AC Milan have won the biggest European competition seven times, and three times for Inter.

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