a union seizes the Labor Inspectorate after “serious doubts” about the remuneration of dancers

While the castings continue, Union danse union assures that the production company is seeking to play the volunteer card. The organizers deny this.


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The mascot of the Paris Olympic Games, February 8, 2024, at the organization's headquarters in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis).  (DIMITAR DILKOFF / AFP)

“The event, as prestigious as it is, does not allow you to follow the rules.” Four months before the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games, which will take place along the Seine, Union danse union (UDS) accuses Paname 24, the company producing the show, wanted to “recruit candidates without paying them, or even paying them”.

“A production currently requires volunteer dancers with the support of choreographers, and at the request of the Olympic committee,” can we read in this Instagram post, published Wednesday March 20. Union danse union nevertheless claims to have exchanged with the Olympic committee and Tony Estanguet in 2022 “on the danger of non-compliance with dancers’ collective agreements”.

Requested by franceinfo, the president of the Federation of Dance Artists (FDAD), member of the interprofessional union, explains: “The society of production in question goes through the network of Ile-de-France universities, and precisely the sports and dance sections, to find dancers and dancers”assures Sabrina Hostiou.

“We carried out the test ourselves, posing as candidates. We were assured that we would not be paid.”

Sabrina Hostiou, president of the Federation of Dance Artists

at franceinfo

Union dance union announced to franceinfo that it had contacted the Labor Inspectorate “in order to alert you to these announcements which may seem suspicious”. “Amateur or professional dancers, there is a collective agreement, it applies equally way”details Sabrina Hostiou. “In this file, we have serious doubts about non-compliance with the collective agreement and about hidden work. When an ad is paid, it must be marked black on white. That is not the case here.

The remuneration specified during castings, according to Cojop

Contacted on Friday, the Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Cojop) denies these accusations.Absolutely all the dancers who are being recruited will be paid, there was never any question of volunteering”insists Cojop.

At the end of each casting, the candidates leave with the same document, assure the organizers. On the first page of this confidential form, which franceinfo consulted, are even specified the financial conditions to which the elected officials will claim at the end of the castings. They vary depending on the role: from 120 to 200 euros gross per rehearsal; from 155 to 300 euros gross per performance.

A new recruitment session is also being organized on April 6 and 7 in Paris. The classified ad that franceinfo consulted is marked Paris 2024. “Required profile: dancer with an excellent technical level and proven experience”. It is specified that accommodation, transport and meals are, however, not “not provided”.

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