A Twitch streamer files a complaint for “rape” against a platform employee

According to information from Mouv’, a preliminary investigation was opened after this complaint filed in July and the young woman was interviewed twice by the judicial police.

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A Twitch streamer, this platform which broadcasts video game players who share and comment on their games live, filed a complaint for “rape” against an employee of the platform in July 2022, learned Friday, October 28 Mouv ‘from his lawyer Maud Touitou.

This Twitch employee, whom she accuses of having raped her, is a moderating administrator of the platform, who contacted her on Twitter a little over a year and a half ago after attending one of its parts online. The streamer then explains that she was not suspicious, dealing with a Twitch employee, and having agreed to meet him.

It was during an evening spent together, after several months of relationship with him, first friendly then romantic, that the streamer describes a rape committed by the individual. After this complaint filed in July, a preliminary investigation was opened and the young woman was interviewed twice by the judicial police, according to information from Mouv ‘. “My client notified Twitch and participated in the internal investigation within the platform, but Twitch never wanted to tell us if sanctions had been taken internally or not”assures Mouv ‘the lawyer for the complainant Maud Touitou.

“What is certain is that Twitch absolutely did not protect my client.”

Maud Touitou, plaintiff’s lawyer

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Contacted, Twitch responds to have taken “appropriate measures” and not be “unable to comment further”. Friday, October 28, the employee’s account still has the badges on the platform showing that he is part of the Twitch teams.

For a few days and the publication on Twitter of the testimony of one of the most followed streamers in France with 700,000 subscribers, Maghla, a multitude of testimonies have shaken the world of French streamers, several female figures denouncing the sexist and sexual cyberviolence that they have suffered for years on the networks. Maghla then denounced the incessant sexualization of which she was the object, even forcing herself to pay attention to her style of dress so as not to expose herself to “comments”.

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