“A super dirty con”, Vincent Lagaf, guest on France Inter, knocks out his father and tells why his mother abandoned him!

Star animator of the 2000s, Vincent Lagaf’ is much less present than before on the small screen. This does not prevent him from giving news despite everything and from devoting himself to other projects. The proof, with the release of his book “My name was Frank”published this Thursday, March 23 by editions xo in which he recounts his childhood. A special childhood given that he was adopted after being entrusted to “helper”. A subject he has already mentioned on the set of“WATCH YOUR STEP” in 2005. Faced with Jean-Luc Reichmann, he discovered photos of his childhood, in full emission.

“These are the first ones that were taken from me after I came out of public assistance. I was lucky enough to be adopted by some wonderful people. I received so much love from them.”assured the host before regretting: “Alas, my great regret is that my mother, who died in 1988, did not have time to see me arrive at the top of the bill”. But the daredevil was still able to find her before she disappeared. “I wanted to know my story, to know why I landed in public assistance. I searched a little, I found easily”explains, at the time, Vincent Lagaf. “I had a contact that was not 100% pleasant at first, and then when I explained on the phone to the person who I was… There, there was a blank and she said to me ‘yes, oh my God !'”he continued.

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Vincent Lagaf’ salutes the courage of his mother, but attacks his parent

Her parent passed “six o’clock” to tell him what had happened. “I wouldn’t have wanted to be in his place, so somewhere, I said thank you for having the courage to leave me at the assistance”, confided the host, admiring the courage of his biological mother. A biological mother that he mentioned again during his visit to France Inter this Friday, March 24. On the occasion of the release of his book “My name is Frank”released this Thursday, March 23, the star host of the 2000s wanted to defend Lucienne, his genetic mother.

“She did not abandon me, she loved me this woman. She loved me terribly and she realized that she could not provide for me so rather than ruin my life and take her in an inexorable fall, she took her courage in both hands and entrusted me to the assistance”he assures France Inter before Sonia Devillers moves on to another slightly more sensitive subject. “The man who was your parent, this “super dirty jerk as you write…”, lets go of the journalist before being cut off by her guest: “A super dirty jerk, it’s a bit unfair because she (his mother: editor’s note) she doesn’t call him a dirty jerk, I allowed myself to do it because when you’re married and you have two children, we don’t go into a mess like that”. A way of making it understood that he salutes the courage of his parent, but much less that of his parent…


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