“A starry night against anti-Semitism”, the short film by eight young Limougeauds awarded the Ilan Halimi Grand Prix

Ilan Halimi, 23, died after being tortured for 24 days because he was Jewish. It was in 2006. His name has since been given to a Prize rewarding the fight against anti-Semitism. Winner this year, the short film “A starry night against anti-Semitism”, directed by eight young Limougeauds. They received the trophy at Matignon.

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Presentation of the Ilan Halimi Grand Prize by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal (Antoine Ly, Radio France)

A Phrygian cap topped with a blue, white and red cockade. The Ilan Halimi Prize logo, engraved on a rectangular and transparent trophy, displays the color of the values ​​of the Republic that it intends to defend and promote: the fight against racist and anti-Semitic stereotypes and prejudices. Florian Renon, Ian Alban Djaotombo and the six other winners of the 2024 Ilan Halimi Grand Prix brought it back from their trip to Paris and by their own admission it’s a bit like a Caesar. The award awarded by the Prime Minister himself distinguishes the short film produced by these eight young Limougeauds entitled A starry night against anti-Semitism.

Once in a lifetime

“It’s great, it’s something that happens once in a lifetime, confides Ian Alban Djaotombo, 22-year-old winner, moved and proud to be rewarded. Just the fact of being able to go once to Matignon which is a high place of the Republic, the fact of being able to share this film with important people, the fact that we received congratulations, that proves that we have made a very good project.”

8 young people from Limoges rewarded with the Ilan Halimi prize -

8 young people from Limoges rewarded with the Ilan Halimi prize

8 young people from Limoges rewarded with the Ilan Halimi prize – (France 3 Limousin)

“What is the rejection of the other?”

The project in question was selected among 45 other films. A short film made in five days a year and a half ago. Renaud Fély, a director also from Limoges, supervised the group from the Limoges Métropole Local Mission.

“At the beginning we sit in a room and think, explains the filmmaker. What is the rejection of the other, what is racism, what is violence, domination? How can we get around this, how can we be aware? We also started talking about history, the history of the 20th century, Nazism. And then we try to see how we can imagine a story.”

Combining the paintings of Rembrandt, the poetry of Rose Ausländer, the images of Dictator by Charlie Chaplin and their own portraits, these young people became spokespeople for the discriminated against.

People who have hatred or commit violent acts are people who are afraid, who do not understand and do not accept differences. It’s quite curious because we are all different. It’s what makes us unique, it’s what creates wealth in our world.

Florian Renon

Grand Prize Winner Ilan Halimi

The award-winning short film is intended to become an educational document broadcast in primary or middle school classes.

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