a star of the show underwent heart surgery after overwork

The show

Who wants to be my partner
made its comeback on the sixth channel on Wednesday January 17, 2024. The opportunity for M6 viewers to meet well-known businessmen and women from the program, but also new investors.

Tony Parker, Kelly Massol, Stéphane Delebassé, Marc Simoncini, Anthony Bourbon, Jean-Pierre Nadir and Eric Larchevêque are indeed the headliners of this fourth season.

A return to the small screen during which the man at the head of Ledgera tricolor unicorn specializing in securing digital assets, also gave an interview to our colleagues at TV Mag in the show

A truth interview during which the leader in the cryptocurrency market made it known that success and especially entrepreneurship were sometimes not without consequences…

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“You have to have strong backs”

When explaining the reason why the latter had taken a step back from his involvement in his business, the 50-year-old man indicated that he had encountered serious health problems: “Actually physically, I had completely given up. When you want to take a business to this type of height, it requires a lot of personal sacrifice and it consumes the life force“, did he declare.

And to add: “I stopped being the director of the company in 2019 and when I left my position, I ended up in the hospital for a heart surgery because I had given so much that when I took a step back, I collapsed. It’s beyond burnout, there is a real price to pay to successfully build a business at this level. It’s not for everyone, you have to have strong backs and then there are times, we crack…concluded Eric Larcheveque.


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