A Secret Story star criticizes the “miserable” salaries of the “Fifty”

In 2011,
Zelko Stojanovic
participated in the fifth season of Secret Story. It’s with his brother
that the young man had reached the final thanks to the secret: “We are the masters of the underground”. Unfortunately for the twins, the public had largely voted for Marie Garet. A hard blow for the handsome brunette who had difficulty accepting defeat. Marie just won the money. I won the game and I won the hearts of my fans!” he said on social networks after his elimination before adding: “Secret Story, they do social work, the proof, Marie won!”

Disappointed, Zelko then participated in other shows like Island of Truths 3 Or Parovi, a Serbian program. This last adventure was also a real nightmare for the candidate who would have been mistreated by his comrades before being sequestered by production. I went six months without going out while sitting 14 hours a day. The more time passed, the more I learned what was happening.” he confided in the columns of Télé-Loisirs.

“When I wanted to go out, they put me in solitary confinement for two days, they told me to come to my senses, that I was not well. They break people psychologically. Live, if we’re not doing well, they tell us to go to the confessional to speak with production, but when you go there, there’s no one there. People are being brainwashed. I saw a girl cry every day for a month.” he explained.

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“It was too poorly paid”

Released, Zelko then joined the cast of Revenge of the Exes before distancing himself from the world of reality TV. Despite numerous offers, Zarko’s brother prefers to keep a low profile. I came out of the delirium. Everyone knows what I think in production and everything. Lately, I refused The Fifty, I refused The Power”, he recently revealed on his TikTok account.

In addition to his desire to remain in the shadows, the salary offered by the channel would not have convinced the former candidate. It was too poorly paid. 5000 euros for two months of broadcasting and then people break your neck in the street for 6 months… I said to the girl: ‘5000 euros for people to break my neck for 9 months outside, that’s Not even 600 euros a month, it’s dead, I don’t do it. The Fifty was the same, so I didn’t do it. It was not interesting.” Fans obviously won’t see Zelko Stojanovic again anytime soon!


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