A second preventive confinement of students in as many weeks at the Poly-Jeunesse school in Laval

Students and staff at Poly-Jeunesse secondary school in Laval were confined to their premises due to a bomb call received by police around 10:20 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Numerous Laval police officers were deployed to the scene.

They indicated to TVA Nouvelles that they wanted to intervene more quickly than during the confinement of March 26. Around 1 p.m., the confinement was over.

Earlier, the school had sent a message to parents, informing them that there was no confinement, but the Laval police had told TVA Nouvelles the opposite.

Parents were, however, asked not to come to school until the situation returned to normal.

This is the second preventive confinement in this educational establishment in as many weeks.

According to the authorities, this would be a similar scenario resulting from the same type of call as on March 26 when threatening remarks received by the police led to a significant police deployment around the school and a search in depth of place.

On Tuesday, the Curé-Antoine-Labelle school, located less than four kilometers from the Poly-Jeunesse school, also received a threatening call which required police intervention.

This is therefore the third situation of its kind to occur in a Laval school in less than ten days.

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