“A repressive shift is taking hold” against Rima Hassan, denounces her lawyer


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VIDEO. The lawyer of LFI candidate Rima Hassan

The LFI candidate for the European elections is summoned by the police at the end of the month, in order to be heard on possible acts of apology for terrorism. This approach pursues a “political” goal, accuses Vincent Brengarth on franceinfo.

Franco-Palestinian activist Rima Hassan, present in seventh position on the list of La France insoumise in the European elections, was summoned at the end of the month by the police, Friday April 19. She must be “heard freely on facts of public apology for an act of terrorism, committed by means of an online public communication service”, according to the summons consulted by AFP. According to his lawyer Vincent Brengarth, guest on Franceinfo on Saturday, “a repressive shift is taking hold” against the candidate. He considers that this summons continues “a political aim”in order to harm Rima Hassan during the electoral campaign.

The acts with which he is accused were allegedly committed between November 5 and December 1, according to the summons. “We do not know precisely what the judicial police are accusing Rima Hassan ofdeclared his lawyer Vincent Brengarth on franceinfo. One thing is certain: she has always complied with the law, that there is no type of criminal offense that would be characterized in connection with her various publications on the question of Gaza.”

“Positions on Palestine that she has always justified”

“There was no justification on her part for the attacks of October 7, she held positions in relation to Palestine which she has always justified, both from a factual and legal point of view”continued Vincent Brengarth, in defense of his client, herself a lawyer in international law and specialist in the refugee issue.

The lawyer also questions the timetable, since a conference on Palestine, in the presence of Rima Hassan, has already been canceled on Thursday in Lille, after a decision by the prefecture which had cited “risks of disturbance to the public order”. We are in the process of calling a candidate for the European elections because of her positions”he affirmed, without however providing any elements to this effect.

Vincent Brengarth underlines that associations have claimed “the fact of being at the origin of the filing of this complaint” and wonders about “their intentions”. He denounces more broadly a “lead screed” on these questions, for the benefit “administrative bans decided by prefects” or passages “before officers of the law”. The lawyer believes “indispensable that voices can be heard on the question of Gaza, in view of the violations of humanitarian law and what the International Court of Justice has said.”

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