a relative in the casting of “Secret Story”

It must be said, the last seasons of Secret Storybroadcast on NT1 (which has since become TFX) have gone somewhat unnoticed… The 11th season of the program, broadcast at the end of 2017, which crowned Noré Abdelali the last big winner of the program against Laura Lempika, Barbara Opsomer and Charlène Le Mer, did not attract many people, and the bonuses only attracted 606,000 viewers (2.4%). Paltry and disappointing audiences, which led the TF1 group to put an end to what was thought to be a definitive end to this cult brand launched in June 2007 on TF1.

But after star AcademyTF1 has decided to reviveSecret Story ! A twelfth season will be launched next spring, but for now, the channel has not made a point of formalizing the broadcasting channel, as well as the host. The press release, revealed on social networks this Friday October 27, 2023, simply announces an opening of the castings: “Between secret hunts and secret missions, the Voice is more ready than ever to play! The House of Secrets will soon reopen its doors and the Voice is looking for its new inhabitants! You are an outstanding player and you have a secret? In TPMP this Friday, Cyril Hanouna affirmed that Benjamin Castaldi had not been contactedand Gilles Verdez adds that Christophe Beaugrand had been summoned by his management, and was considered a favorite.

Makao let go of the Macrons for “Secret Story”

For the moment, the casting has not yet been concluded since it has only just started. We should find strong candidates, with emblematic secrets, such as Makao, during season 11. Unknown to the general public, this man was close to Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, and had created the event with his secret: “I was the bodyguard for the President of the Republic”. The candidate was ultimately quickly eliminated. With Sam Zirah last July, Makao returned to the work of bodyguarding the Macron couple, which he had quickly put an end to, and justified himself: “I liked working with the Macron couple, but it’s just that I like being free like a fish in water. The only people to whom I belong are my parents and my children, otherwise I don’t belong to no one.”

The candidate then made a funny revelation: he resigned in 2017 from his position as bodyguard to participate in Secret Story. Approached by EndemolShine production, the young man accepted the offer, and therefore ended his professional collaboration with the Élysée: “I like to change so when I was offered to do Secret Story, it was also a way to withdraw”. He remembers the popularity he had acquired alongside the president, even revealing that the latter was somewhat jealous of the selfies he took with the French: “People saw me smiling in Secret Story but when I was working, they called me Barracuda. ​​I wasn’t laughing and I wasn’t smiling because when I’m working, I’m very serious” he explained.

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