“A rapid cancer”, in full live on the Twitch platform, the host of the public service, Samuel Etienne makes an announcement of the most intimate and moving!

Very active as Twitter where he is used to regularly sharing content, this Wednesday March 22, 2023, Samuel Étienne published an excerpt from a live stream with the Étoiles streamer on the Twitch platform. And for good reason, on the occasion of this live where he was invited, the host of the public service told a particularly moving anecdote concerning one of his shoots as part of the program “Questions for a champion” that he presents on France 3. “A heartbreaking story”he announced in the preamble.

“I played yesterday with a lady of a certain age, around 70, and she lost her son to cancer early on at the age of 44. And she said to me ‘you have already met my son one day when you were walking near Parc Monceau. He stopped you and he asked if he could take a picture not with him, but with his two sons who were 4 and 8 at the time because they were fans of Questions pour un Champion’”he began before indicating that the candidate in question then showed him the photo that his late son had captured that day.

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Samuel Étienne dedicates a program to the late son of the candidate of “Questions for a champion”

“I remember very well the kindness of the gentleman who asked me for the photo. And the story is that this gentleman, before he died, wrote a novel. And she says to me ‘I want you to read it to tell me what you think of it’. So I read this novel which was magnificent.

Touched by this story and under the spell of the novel in question called “The end of an era, The choices of Madeleine”, Samuel Étienne explains that he naturally decided to talk about this book with the candidate at the end of his career. so as not to disturb her.

“Arrived at the face-to-face, at the end of the show, I take out the book and I saw that she was super happy with this moment”he confided still upset. “It’s just that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I dedicated the show to his son, whose name is Alexandre Goujon,” concluded the journalist. A moving story.


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