a promising lung cancer vaccine


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A vaccine has been developed to fight lung cancer. The results are promising according to a recent study.

When we think of a vaccine, we think of a vaccine to prevent infectious diseases, possibly cancer with vaccination against the human papillomavirus. There, we are not at all in a vaccine that prevents, but in a vaccine that treats. We are in a therapeutic vaccine. The objective East to go as close as possible to the tumor, to analyze the particularities of the tumor, so it starts with a biopsy, then we will identify the specific proteins, what we call antigens, to program the immune system and this is what will make the vaccine.

Target the immune response

It is to target the immune response, these antigens will become the target of our lymphocytes for example, of our white blood cells. This is what is interesting, because we will reduce the side effects, we will target the treatment. When we look at the results, we see that they are very encouraging, notably on a recent study in lung cancer: – 41% risk of death and – 11% of side effects. For the moment, these remain therapeutic trials, clinical trials, explains Doctor Gérald Kierzek.

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