A promising first Super Bowl in Las Vegas

(Las Vegas) The first Super Bowl in history to be held in Las Vegas has everything the so-called NFL scriptwriters dream of.

There’s Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs (14-6), who are trying to become the first team to successfully defend their title in 19 years and add grist to the mill of those who believe they could become a dynasty if they win a third Super Bowl in five years.

There’s Brock Purdy, who returned from a major injury and has been nicknamed “Mr. Irrelevant.” Purdy now leads the 49 attackers (14-5) of San Francisco, who could tie a record by winning a sixth Super Bowl title, and his name could now be found alongside legendary California club players Joe Montana and Steve Young.

And of course, there will be glitz and glitz as the Super Bowl premieres in the city of vice, an idea that has long repelled NFL executives.

And did we mention Taylor Swift?

The A-list singer will land by private jet in Las Vegas just in time to see her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, attempt to get another NFL championship ring. Swift is expected to leave Japan after her concert Saturday night and be on hand at Allegiant Stadium for Sunday night’s game.

Kelce, a four-time All-Star tight end, hopes to limit distractions despite answering numerous questions this week about Swift and their relationship, which has fascinated millions and attracts new football fans.

“I show up every day living in the moment, not thinking too much about the future,” Kelce said. Obviously, we must prepare ourselves, and above all avoid thinking about the past… I believe that we absolutely do not want to link what we are currently experiencing to what happened last year. Every season is different. »

For the Chiefs, victory is the only possible outcome on Sunday. So they have everything to lose.

“Expectations became demands,” Kelce said. I know that the seasons before our first conquest were the worst of my life. So it’s about finding that state of mind, every season, and setting your own expectations, so that we make sure that no one sets the bar higher than ourselves. We’re here to win, baby. For sure. »

Mahomes, a two-time NFL title holder and Super Bowl MVP, is already being compared to Tom Brady, who has seven career Super Bowl rings. Brady won three in his first four seasons as a starting quarterback. Mahomes will try to get his third ring in his sixth campaign.

And even if he wins, it is still too early to discuss his place in history.

“I’m not at the zenith of my career yet, so I haven’t thought about it yet,” Mahomes said. Obviously, you want to reach your full potential. I know I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many great players. So right now I’m trying to do everything to defeat the 49ers in order to obtain a third championship ring. Then, if you ask me that question again in 15 years, then I’ll see if I can get close to a seventh (ring). Seven still seems a long way away. »

It will be a repeat of the game the Chiefs won four years ago, giving head coach Andy Reid his first title. The head coach of the 49ers Kyle Shanahan has come close to winning twice before, but each time his team blew significant leads.

He was the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons when Brady and the New England Patriots erased a 28-3 second-half deficit to win the Super Bowl in 2017. Then, his 49ers led 20-10 against the Chiefs entering the fourth quarter before Mahomes and the Chiefs won 31-20 at Miami in 2020.

“They were two heartbreaking losses,” Shanahan admitted. It took me a while to digest them. But you have to turn the page, and try your luck again, and that’s why I’m here. »

Purdy isn’t concerned about the comments of those who doubt him. He has a lot of maturity for a 24-year-old player, which helps him build his confidence and maintain his composure in tough situations.

“Everything will depend on my ability to excel for three hours against the Kansas City Chiefs defense,” summed up Purdy.

“That’s my mindset. I want to do everything I can to allow my team to win. I focus on our games. I focus on what I need to do this week, I try to avoid distractions and all outside noise. »

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