A problem of indiscipline which continues to hurt the Canadian

The head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, Martin St-Louis, often indicated after defeats that his team had shot itself in the foot, whether by making mistakes or showing indiscipline.

Sunday, the Canadian offered five numerical advantages to the St. Louis Blues, who took the opportunity to score three goals. The Blues eventually won the game 7-2.

In defense of the members of the Canadiens, players from both teams seemed frustrated by decisions by referees Garrett Rank and Kyle Rehman, which is never a good sign.

Walking on eggshells, St-Louis nevertheless affirmed that there are “situations where these are not punishments, but tonight they were punishments”. He noted, however, that at least “these were not lazy punishments.”

Instead, he associated these punishments with his players’ combative style and the fact that “sometimes the line is thin.”

In the locker room, the players were trying to make their mea culpa.

“We have to be more careful,” said captain Nick Suzuki, the victim of a slashing penalty. In my case, I got caught out of position and I wanted to prevent my rival from shooting. »

Defenseman Jayden Struble looked low, in the penalty box for seven seconds before Jordan Kyrou scored in the first period.

His playing partner David Savard recalled that the players should perhaps trust each other rather than wanting to repair a mistake by committing a gesture that could be punished. “It’s a team game,” said the 33-year-old veteran. If you are in a good position, it will be easier to stay away from the penalty box. »

“There is often another line of defense. You will take punishment with your stick, but you have to choose your battles, he added. There is also the goalkeeper behind, who can make the save. We need to pay more attention to this. »

The Canadian remains one of the most punished teams in the NHL and has one of the worst efficiency when shorthanded. This is a combination that will rarely lead to success.

The St. Louis troop took advantage of a day off Monday. The Habs will host the Anaheim Ducks at the Bell Center on Tuesday evening.

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