A Pointe-aux-Trembles school closed after threats on social networks

Police closed Pointe-aux-Trembles High School on Monday morning after being informed of threats related to firearms that had been published on social media. However, the police found nothing unusual at the scene and the police operation ended early in the morning.

“Around 7:30 a.m., a call was made mentioning that a threat had been seen on social networks towards the school,” explains public relations officer Jean-Pierre Brabant, of the Montreal City Police Department. We didn’t take any chances and the police went to the scene. »

The police arrived on the scene before the students. There was therefore no preventive confinement or evacuation, explains agent Brabant. The school had notified parents and students of the school closure due to the police investigation, without providing many details about the nature of the ongoing events. “Following the recommendation of the police, all students and staff members should not come to the school, in order to give the police time to properly assess the situation,” wrote principal Patrice Benoit in his message.

On the scene, the police were able to see that there was “no real threat” at that time, specifies agent Brabant. The investigation also discovered that the social media threat, which discussed guns at school, was posted about a week ago. “We saw that the threat was not in real time,” he adds.

The police operation at the high school ended in the morning, but the investigation continues to try to locate the author of the message. “We have not yet found the person or the IP address, we are still doing checks,” explains agent Brabant. We will meet the person when we have more information. »

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