A PLQ government would invite ministers to its fundraising activities

(Quebec) A possible Liberal government would continue to invite ministers to its fundraising cocktails.

The Liberal Party (PLQ) reacted on Tuesday to the controversy that has engulfed the CAQ government in recent weeks: CAQ elected officials dangled access to ministers during fundraising cocktails in exchange for a $100 donation.

In a press scrum on Tuesday, interim Liberal leader Marc Tanguay announced that the PLQ, if it formed the government, would invite its ministers to fundraising activities.

But the message would be clear: there would be no question of offering compensation for the contribution, assured Mr. Tanguay.

The law allows any citizen to make a contribution of a maximum of $100 to a political party, but without compensation.

Remember that last Thursday, CAQ leader François Legault, mired in controversy, announced that his party would no longer solicit donations from individuals and invited other parties to do the same.

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