“A phew”, “She cries”, rare confidences from David Hallyday about his wife who adores the “Star Academy”

From Kev Adams to Woodkid via Vitaa, the students of the star Academy

met some beautiful people. But when he thought he had seen everything, Michael Goldman, the director of the season, had a nice surprise in store for them. This Monday, January 22, 2024, budding artists indeed had the chance to exchange with David Hallyday.

Obviously happy to get to know the current inhabitants of the Château des Vives Eaux in Dammarie-les-Lys, Johnny Hallyday’s son took advantage of his masterclass to provide some advice to the finalists. “You have to stay yourself and have its trademark. This is what will differentiate you from others.” explained in particular the one who has been assiduously following the journey of young people since November 4.

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“My wife is like a phew”

If Laura Smet’s brother is a fervent fan of the TF1 program, he is not the only one to follow the adventure with interest. His wife, Alexandra Pastor, is also a great admirer of the famous talent show. And learning that her partner was going to join the show seems to have had a significant impact on her. “I, who have lived with you a little bit since the beginning of Star Ac’ and who have really watched it all the time, my wife is like a phew, she’s crying and everything. I tell him : ‘But stop crying‘, but it’s magnificent, it’s true”, he said. A confidence that viewers did not expect to the extent that David Hallyday is particularly discreet about his private life.

The previous year, the 57-year-old artist had nevertheless presented his wife like never before, as part of a documentary. “She’s a magnificent person. Someone who is able to give all their energy, to the point of losing it, to make others feel better. She was always there. With all the setbacks, all the problems I’ve had, with sometimes mood swings that aren’t like me, more than one person would have run away!” he had indicated. Touching declarations.


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