A parliamentary report proposes paying parental leave at 67% of salary, and extending maternity leave

Its two authors also recommend increasing the supervision rate of children in nurseries, after revelations about abuses in private establishments.



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In the family room, an infant meets his uncle and aunt for the first time on March 27, 2016, in a maternity ward in Chambéry (Savoie).  (ULYSSE LEFEBVRE / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

They display the objective of “rplace the needs of the child at the center of the debate. Two deputies presented to the National Assembly, Wednesday November 8, an information report on the care of young children. In particular, they recommend a “one year parental leave”shareable between parents, paid at “67% of salary”. Today, parental leave can last one year, but the parent sees his or her salary suspended and receives compensation.

Led by deputies Isabelle Santiago (Socialist Party) and Michèle Peyron (Renaissance), the flash mission on “prospects for developments in the care of children in crèches” was launched in September, after the publication of two alarming books on the practices of private daycare centers.

Ban online CAP early childhood training

The two authors also recommend extending maternity leave to “reach 12 weeks after birth”compared to 10 today for the first two children.

The two deputies justify these recommendations by the lessons of neuroscience, “which show that the first three years of life are fundamental for the development and acquisition of psychosocial skills of the child”according to Isabelle Santiago. “The child needs an identified adult to take care of him through repeated daily experiences.”

Concerning crèches, the report defends a maximum ratio of five children per adult when they are walking, and three children per adult for babies (compared to eight and five currently). He recommends reforming the initial training of staff on the basis of neuroscience, and calls for a ban on online training at the early childhood CAP: “People get it behind a computer without ever having held a baby”deplores Isabelle Santiago.

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