A new ADISQ prize awarded by CEGEP students

ADISQ is joining forces with the Intercollegiate Network of Sociocultural Activities of Quebec (RIASQ) to create a brand new prize that will be awarded at the Gala de l’Industrie on November 2.

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Laila Maalouf

Laila Maalouf
The Press

The College Song of the Year Award will be given to an emerging artist whose song has been chosen by several hundred CEGEP students. It comes with a $5,000 scholarship.

ADISQ selected the 25 pieces in the running from works by artists with two albums or less to their credit.

“Allowing students to analyze the texts of our new artists while allowing them to develop their critical sense is an absolutely gratifying opportunity for ADISQ and very promising for the future”, underlined Julie Gariépy, executive producer and director of ADISQ gala.

The titles in the running

  • 1. Afrikana Soul Sister, Asora
  • 2. Alicia Moffet, lullaby
  • 3. Ariane Roy, It’s not luck
  • 4. Good Child, Porcelain
  • 5. Clay and Friends, Move your thang
  • 6. Etienne Coppée, Nothing greater
  • 7. Hubert Lenoir, SECRET
  • 8. Jay Scott, Broken
  • 9. The Zarra, you will go away
  • 10. Laura Niquay, Moteskano
  • 11. Morning After, A ride home
  • 12. Praises, Pavement
  • 13. Swompe’s Rats, See you soon
  • 14. Lou-Adriane Cassidy, I still hope that somewhere the wait stops
  • 15. Lysander, Tintagel
  • 16. Natasha Kanape, A troubled horizon
  • 17. Naya Ali, Air Ali
  • 18. Ninan, Innu auass
  • 19. Noah Lira, Rindete
  • 20. OktoEcho, niki pawatin
  • 21. Richy Jay, Go easy
  • 22. Roxane Bruneau, If they ever look for me
  • 23. Scott-Pien Picard, Shipekunua
  • 24. TEKE:: TEKE, Kala Kala
  • 25. William Cloutier, We will go

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