“A monumental fiasco”, Dany Boon, the bad news keeps coming, concerns are growing

Once considered a pillar of French cinema,
Dany Boon
today seems to be losing momentum. However, there was a time when the 57-year-old actor and director had a string of box office successes. His film Welcome to the Ch’tis, released in 2008, was a phenomenal success. The latter has indeed broken all records with no less than 26,700,012 entries, thus marking the pinnacle of his career. Afterwards, Nothing to declare And The Ch’tite family also won over moviegoers with 8 million and 5.6 million admissions.

But since then, the filmmaker seems to have struggled to regain the same level of popularity. His recent film productions have unfortunately not met with the same enthusiasm as his previous successes, and his acting performances seem less convincing in the public eye.

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Dany Boon in difficulty

Since February 21, 2024, Noah’s dad is starring in the film The goats. A feature film in which he plays Maître Pompignac alongside Marie-Anne Chazel, Claire Chust and Jérôme Commandeur. The synopsis of this new comedy? Maître Pompignac, laughed at by the bar, thinks he has found the case of his life: defending the young and innocent Josette, wrongly accused of the murder of a marshal… But that was without counting on his adversary, the formidable and renowned Maître Valvert , and especially on Josette, who turns out to be none other… than a goat!”can we read on Allocinated.

If the plot and the casting had everything to arouse the interest of fans, the production of Fred Cavayé unfortunately did not live up to their expectations. According to exclusive information from the magazine Here is, the feature film would not have succeeded in attracting crowds, recording only 108,258 entries during its first week of operation.

“At first, we thought it was the fault of bad luck, or that of Covid. But there, while the film has everything going for it, it is a monumental fiasco“, confided an anonymous source to our colleagues. A hard blow for Dany Boon…


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