“A minister’s son present”, new shocking revelation about Pierre Palmade’s evening where everything changed

On February 10, 2023, Pierre Palmade,under the influence of narcotics, has committed the irreparable. The 55-year-old comedian has indeed provoked a serious accident on a departmental road in Seine-et-Marne. A collision which caused injuries irreversible damage to the passengers of the struck vehicle. The driver, disabled following the impact, was hospitalized for many months. Her son, only seven years old, suffered severe damage. As for the pregnant woman who occupied the passenger seat, she unfortunately lost her baby.

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“Stars and political figures”

At the dawn of the first anniversary of this terrible tragedy, Cyril Hanouna chose to return to the investigation in the latest issue of his show, Do not touch My TV. The opportunity for Gilles Verdez to lift the veil on certain vague elements of the affair. “Is it that stars and political figures were present at this party?first asked the PAF troublemaker.

To which his sidekick replied: “The certainty we have is thatthere are gray areas on the evening, we do not know everything, there are things that we are not told and I am not convinced that in the investigating judges’ file everything has been clarified”, he revealed before addressing another question. According to some rumors, Pierre Palmade was “protected throughout this investigation becausehe rubbed shoulders with powerful people“. A near certainty for Gilles Verdez who says he responds “yes at 60%” while one of her colleagues present on the set this Wednesday February 7, 2024 is convinced of this “90%”.

“We have heard a lot thatthere was a minister’s sonbut I don’t have a name”, he concluded. Will we ever know the truth? Nothing is less sure.


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