a metal festival “close to neo-Nazism” organized despite its ban by the prefecture

The Isère prefecture had banned the “Call of terror”, in particular because several groups on the bill are known for their songs “in praise of the Third Reich”.


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Vézeronce-Curtin (Isère).  (SCREENSHOT / GOOGLE MAPS)

A black metal festival “Call of Terror”, considered by the prefecture of Isère as “close to neo-Nazi ideology”was held on Saturday February 24 in the town hall of Vézeronce-Curtin (Isère), the mayor of the town told France Bleu Isère. “We got screwed”comments the elected official while a prefectural decree had banned the event.

On February 21, the Isère prefecture banned the holding of this event which set “the appointment is February 24, the anniversary of the creation, in 1920, of the NSDAP, the national socialist party of Adolf Hitler”. She also justified this ban by the presence of groups on the festival bill known for their songs “to the glory of the Third Reich”.

The location of the festival revealed at the last moment

According to the mayor of Vézeronce-Curtin, Maurice Belantan, interviewed by France Bleu Isère, the municipal hall was rented for a birthday two and a half months ago, without further details. Planned in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the location of the festival was revealed to participants at the last moment. According to the Isère prefecture, 150 people were present in the room which could hold up to 700 participants.

“I was surprised when the prefecture called me to say that the banned gathering was going to be held in the Vézeronce-Curtin hall,” says Maurice Belantan. “We wanted to enter the room, but they did not let me enter with my deputy, most of them were wearing headscarves,” he specifies. According to France Bleu Isère, the gendarmes checked the tenant of the room but the latter did not wish to leave.

“Everything went well in the end”

The prefecture has also set up a system of 80 gendarmes with five checkpoints on the main roads around the village or near the hall. “In total, more than 330 vehicles were checked and the identities of the occupants were systematically recorded. Several offenses were noted on the spot which were the subject of fines”, can we read in its latest press release. Maurice Belantan was interviewed by the gendarmerie in the evening.

This Sunday, the participants left around 1:30 a.m., according to the prefecture. The inventory of the room is scheduled for this Sunday afternoon. “We had a certain fear for the night”explains Mayor Maurice Belantan, “Everything went well in the end.” “At the neighborhood level, there was no noise,” he specifies. The organizers, however, face sanctions: up to six months’ imprisonment and a fine of 7,500 euros.

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