A medical first in Martinique

A heart taken from a man in Martinique was transplanted into another in France. This feat is a first.



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West Indian patients will now be able to benefit from heart transplants, by being treated in the West Indies. "Now hearts can live outside the chest, both from the donor and the recipient, for a dozen hours", explains Professor François Roques, cardiac surgeon at Fort-de-France University Hospital.  (UCHAR / E+ / GETTY IMAGES)

This heart transplant was carried out in January, and was revealed this week. Until now, the 8 hours of flights that separate the Antilles from mainland France prevented this type of operation from being considered. Now it is possible, thanks to a system that oxygenates the heart and extends its life by several hours. A revolution in the transport of this organ, which will be very useful to the West Indians. Explanations from Professor François Roques, cardiac surgeon at Fort-de-France University Hospital, interviewed by Pierre-Yves Honoré of Martinique the 1st.

A first case of cholera in Mayotte

We remain in the field of health with this first case of cholera detected in Mayotte, in a patient from the Comoros. Mayotte where the faulty drinking water system raises fears of the spread of the disease. The Regional Health Agency carried out a disinfection operation on Wednesday, then awareness raising in a district of Mamoudzou. Djamilat Soidiki, Mayotte the 1st.

A new international methamphetamine network dismantled in Polynesia

It operated between the Pacific archipelago and the United States via air and sea transport. Five people were arrested and charged. Ice, or methamphetamine, wreaks havoc in Polynesia. It is the most consumed drug locally after cannabis.

In Reunion, World Storytelling Day was relayed for the first time

At the Port media library, around twenty storytellers took turns telling stories to young and old. Delphine Gérard, Reunion the 1st.

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