“A huge, monstrous thing”, the strange message from Anouchka Delon posted on Instagram

If the Delon clan finally seemed peaceful after the tumults linked to the ex “companion lady” ofAlain Delon

, Hiromi Rollin, the family is once again in the news. Indeed, this Wednesday January 3, 2023, Anthony, eldest son of the 88-year-old actor, revealed during an interview given toParis Match

, having filed a complaint against his sister Anouchka. He accuses her of having hidden the rest of the family from the “distress from which one suffered” their father.

This same handrail would have been filed in November 2023, just a few months after the complaint of the three brothers and sisters against Hiromi Rollin (July). “My sister never informed my brother and me that between 2019 and 2022 my father had been subjected to five cognitive tests during his visits to the clinic in Switzerland and that he passed none of them”explained Anthony Delon to Paris Match before continuing: “My sister hid from us the distress our father was suffering. By remaining silent, she clearly put him in danger”.

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Anouchka’s strange message before Anthony Delon’s revelations

According to him, even if he “do not care”, Anushka would have hidden these results “for personal interests”. Worse still, he accuses her of having “manipulated her own family”: “lying like she did is capable of anything”. In fact, this situation would make her sister “indirectly complicit in all the abuse and violence of which he (Alain Delon) was the victim”.

The main interested party has not yet reacted to the accusations from her brother. As a reminder, she was the only one not to take part in the family Christmas dinner on December 24, 2023. But this had no link with the handrail left by her brother, given that she was on a hospital bed, busy getting back on her feet as she revealed on December 26 on her Instagram account. However, the daughter ofAlain Delon immediately published a strange message, still on the social network. On December 31, she relayed a text by Emile Zola taken from the novel A page of love.

“She didn’t change. When she loved people, it lasted a lifetime. She didn’t understand abandonment. It was an enormous, monstrous thing, which couldn’t fit into her little heart without making it burst.”, it was possible to read. A text related to the current situation that she felt was coming? Only the person concerned has the answer.


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