a hostage-taking in a bank to recover frozen savings



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D.Schlienger, N.El Dib, L.De Villepin, J.Durand – France 2

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In Lebanon, Sali Hafez robbed a bank to recover the money placed in his account. A desperate gesture to treat his sister, who is suffering from cancer. The video of the robbery has gone viral on social media.

Pistol brandished, she comes to rob the bank that hosts her account, and recover her savings. Sali Hafez, 28, provides have invested in this bank in Beirut (Lebanon) the equivalent of 20,000 euros in his account. She fled, with the equivalent of 13,000 euros.

She then claimed her gesture in an interview a few hours later, claiming that his weapon was dummy. “I had nothing left to lose, we hit rock bottom. Two days ago, I went to see the manager of the bank, and I said to him: ‘Time is slipping away from us. My sister is sick, she is going to die, he replied that he could only give me 200 dollars”she explains.

Outside the bank, many demonstrators and onlookers approve of the robbery. Sali Hafez has quickly become a symbol, in a Lebanon mired in a historic financial crisis for four years. The local currency is no longer worth anything, the banks lack liquidity and refuse large withdrawals. This is the third robbery of this type in Lebanon since the beginning of 2022. They are supported by activists, who have promised that such operations will increase in the coming weeks.

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