a highly anticipated and highly commented return, after Britney Spears’ revelations about their relationship

The 43-year-old superstar is back with a sixth album, “Everything I Thought It Was,” released Friday.



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Justin Timberlake at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, in Beverly Hills, California, March 10, 2024. (MICHAEL TRAN / AFP)

His fans have been waiting for a new album for five years. Justin Timberlake granted their wishes on Friday March 15 with the release of his sixth solo album, Everything I Thought It Was. The two singles released beforehand did not revolutionize his style. With the 43-year-old superstar, we are always in well-produced R’n’B, carried by a velvet voice and lyrics often evoking love, even toxic love.

Beyond the quality of the pieces, this return has been widely commented on due to the context surrounding the release of the album, after the revelations of his ex-partner Britney Spears. In her memoirs, published last October, the singer reveals Justin Timberlake’s deceptions and accuses him of having forced an abortion on her. The singer then apologized at the end of January on Instagram. Justin Timberlake himself wrote a title as revenge for supposed infidelity.

The return of the boy band NSYNC

Justin Timberlake’s image has therefore been largely damaged in recent months. The singer with more than 100 million albums sold is therefore playing big with this return to music and it is a path of redemption that he wants to take. He uses this new album as an escape, to the point of proposing a reunion on a track with his former colleagues from the boy band NSYNC, twenty years after their separation. This reunion was greeted by cries of joy during a concert on Wednesday evening in Los Angeles.

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