A grieving Scott Brothers actress: Death of her husband in brutal circumstances, “the unimaginable happened”

The unimaginable happened“wrote actress Odette Annable in an Instagram post that relayed the sad news of the death of the husband of her friend Bevin Prince, heroine of the Scott Brothers. The 39-year-old American actress is now a widow after the sudden death of William Friend. He was struck by lightning, specifies the media WETC6 News, relayed by the New York Post. Authorities found her husband on a boat as the storm rumbled near the Mansoboro Island reservation on the North Carolina coast. Despite their intervention and his transfer by ambulance to a hospital, after witnesses alerted them, they were unable to rescue him.

On Instagram, Odette Annable takes up her pen to share the terrible news for Bevin Prince and all those close to Wiliam Friend: “We have to say goodbye to another friend. My best friend’s beloved husband. Will. (…) You were the ideal partner for her. You helped her achieve her dreams, you gave her a sense of inclusion, and you loved her with all your heart. (…) Being here with Bevin, listening to her share stories about you breaks my heart for her because she lost the love of her life.“A publication that has generated many sympathetic comments, such as that of actress Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory).

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