a game for two people to rob while thwarting the security lasers!

J-Michel Grégoire from Sens du Jeu in Châtellerault likes these games which force us to make common cause: with Complices from Oldchap, we are going to help each other to succeed in the burglary. Burglary of rigor but be careful the coveted objects are protected by laser beams which sweep the whole room! And moreover, with the glasses which are given to you you see only part of these lasers.

Red glasses or blue glasses for you?
Oldchap Games

One player puts on the goggles that see the blue beams and the other player, you guessed it: puts on the goggles that see the red lasers. So we will have to communicate to avoid the pitfalls that the other sees but not you and vice versa.

Be careful, the game is timed: help each other quickly and well and don’t get caught in the traps.

You will have 16 rooms to explore for several rounds of around twenty minutes. Complices is a funny game where you rely a lot on your partner.

From 10 years old, count about 30 euros.

Thank you J-Michel Gregoire!

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