a French woman found stabbed to death in the Aosta Valley, her companion arrested

The man, of Italian nationality, had been wanted since the end of March for having violated his judicial control. He had been referred for “domestic violence” and “threats” and was prohibited from having contact with the victim.



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The victim's body was discovered in a chapel in the town of La Salle, in the Aosta Valley.  (SCREENSHOT / GOOGLE MAPS)

A French woman was found stabbed to death in the Aosta Valley, Italy, the Radio France correspondent in Italy learned on Wednesday April 10 from an official source in Rome. His companion, suspected of being the author of the murder, was arrested in Lyon, according to the Grenoble prosecutor’s office.

It was Friday April 5 that the body of the young woman was found in an abandoned chapel in La Salle, a town near the French and Swiss borders. The 22-year-old young woman came from Saint-Priest, in the suburbs of Lyon (Rhône). At least one of her two parents, who arrived in Italy, identified her. His body had knife marks on his neck and abdomen. The date of death, due to hemorrhage, has not yet been specified.

The man had been wanted since March

According to the Grenoble public prosecutor’s office, her companion, a 21-year-old man of Italian nationality, is suspected of the murder of the young woman. He was arrested in Lyon. The Grenoble public prosecutor’s office has opened a murder investigation, as did the Aosta public prosecutor’s office previously. The Grenoble police officers are responsible for the investigation.

The Grenoble public prosecutor’s office had been informed by the Italian police that the couple had crossed the border between France and Italy together, without incident, on March 25. The man has been wanted since the end of March for the violation of his judicial control pronounced on January 13 after his referral for “domestic violence” And “threat” on his victim so that she retracts her complaint. The judge of freedoms and detention had notified him of a ban on entering into contact with the victim and the obligation to respond to summons from the association responsible for monitoring the judicial review. He was to be tried by the Grenoble criminal court on Friday May 3.

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