a festive sunday in the uk


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M. September, C. Madini, A. Bouleis, L. Soudre – France 2

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The day after the coronation of Charles III in London (United Kingdom), the celebrations continue on Sunday May 7, notably in Windsor, where a concert will be given. Throughout the streets of the country, Britons celebrate the event.

This coronation weekend of King Charles III in the United Kingdom concludes, Sunday, May 7, with a concert at the royal castle of Windsor. Different artists will perform there “in front of 20,000 spectators, half of whom were drawn”, as journalist Ambroise Bouleis explains, on the spot. In addition to performances by Katie Perry or Lionel Richie, recorded sketches, ballet dances and lyrical singing are also on the program.

The party continues in the street

Before this concert, Prince William and his wife Kate made a surprise appearance in the middle of the crowd. At the same time, in the streets of London, neighbors decided to honor their sovereign by letting the party continue in the street. “It’s traditional. It’s a great time to bring the neighborhood together and enjoy being with family and friends”testifies a woman, smiling.

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