a farmer calls out Emmanuel Macron on suicides during a debate at the Agricultural Show



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A farmer calls out to Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron met and debated on Saturday morning with farmers and representatives of different trade union organizations at the Salon de la profession. – (FRANCEINFO)

The Head of State spoke at length with farmers and representatives of different trade union organizations on Saturday morning.

“I’m going to talk to you about something that is close to my heart and that we have still experienced these days: suicide.” A free-range chicken breeder in Dordogne questioned Emmanuel Macron on Saturday February 24 during a debate organized at the Agricultural Show with union representatives. Leaning on a high bar table, in shirt sleeves, Emmanuel Macron collected the grievances of the farmers grouped around him, each wearing a distinctive sign of their union organization: yellow hats, green or red caps.

“A farmer commits suicide every two days”declared this farmer who suggested that he was affiliated with the Rural Coordination, before discussing his own situation: “In August, I almost took action.” “I have a 15-year-old kid and a 10-year-old girl, you can imagine that it gives me pleasure to go to the Salon [de l’agriculture]. I’ve been working 100 hours a week for three years and I don’t spend a single euro.”he added.

“It’s my wife who keeps me alive. We must act very quickly for this cash flow that we need in our operation.” urged this breeder. Emmanuel Macron replied that he would respond “from Monday on a case by case basis”, with “a national framework with a guarantee system” after that, “at local level”. The head of state did not give further details, despite the insistence of farmers to him.

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