a famous journalist slams the door and announces that he is quitting his career

He stood out with Yann Barthès in The small newspaper then to Daily. We remember in particular that in 2022, he had launched the subject of the team’s jet travel with PSG. Faced with Paul Larrouturou who asked why the famous club was not traveling by train, Kylian Mbappé collapsed with laughter. As for his coach, Christophe Galtier, he answered ironically that the club was studying the possibility of going to matches in “yachting”. A controversy that the journalist was far from imagining when he just wanted to raise “an interesting, legitimate question”.“Those who don’t like me think I want to make the buzzsighed the one who intervened every morning on LCI for two years in particular this season in “News Time”with Elizabeth Martichoux. And to add :“I just try to do my job by asking the questions that people may ask themselves.” But this Thursday, July 13, 2023, this political buff made his last appearance on the news channel of the TF1 group. The 36-year-old journalist has decided to quit television but intends to stay with his employer to devote himself to reporting for the general public broadcast on social networks.

“I’ll give you an appointment if you want to follow my adventures on all the social networks”

Before leaving, Paul Larrouturou wanted to greet his colleagues: “I want to thank you Elizabeth. I learned a lot watching you. Thank you Julien Arnaud, Claire Fournier… I want to thank all the reporters as you did, but I wouldn’t have time to do it. They recognize each other! I thank them for all these adventures in the field. I want to thank Laura Bacca, who supported me for two seasons at LCI and it’s not always easy“, he launched. The journalist made a point of recalling that he “was staying in this beautiful house”: “But I leave television to go in there, in social networks. I give you an appointment if you want adventures to follow my reports on all social networksby TF1 Info. We are going to do Tik Tok lives. We’re going to be on Instagram, on Snapchat, on Facebook, on Twitter…”. “I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your feedback during these two unforgettable seasons on LCI”, he finally declared. “We’re not leaving you! We’ll find you on all the networks you mentioned!”, concluded Elizabeth Martichoux. So it’s just a goodbye…


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