a famous candidate from “Secret Story” ready to do anything to conquer her

This Monday March 18, 2024, M6 broadcast the first episode of the new season of Married at first sight. The opportunity for fans to meet new candidates like Florian, Tracy, but also Ophelia. Aged 27, the one who is a customer manager in the field of real estate is visibly struggling to find the right fit.

“I always grew up with these repetitive phrases from my mother, men are all the sameall liars and that in any case we will always end up being deceived”, she confided in her portrait.

Far from wanting to place her trust in a man, Ophélie therefore put her destiny in the hands of the show’s experts. And they found 79% compatibility between her and Loïc. But will the two candidates live a beautiful love story? Nothing is less sure. In fact, a third person came to interfere in the relationship.

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“I am in touch”

recently fell under the spell of the pretty blonde. Revealed in the 10th edition of Secret StoryMélanie Dedigama’s ex was questioned by his subscribers during the broadcast of the first episode of Married at first sight. “Bastos! There is the woman of your life on M6 !, they said. To which the main interested party replied: “OK I admit you know me well. How do we go about interrupting the show?” And to add: “It’s good I am in touch. You are rockets. Thank you bloods. Wish me luck”.

One thing is certain, it is that Ophélie’s personality caught the thirty-year-old’s eye. It must be said that the latter is not afraid and that, like Bastien Grimal, his real name, she appreciates the “van life”. It remains to be seen where this story will take the two candidates. To be continued…


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