a doctor from Pas-de-Calais suspended for two weeks for consulting Emmanuel Macron’s vaccination file

“A sanction that I consider disproportionate” reacted the general practitioner this Tuesday on franceinfo. He had consulted the President of the Republic’s vaccination file to warn of a security breach.

In the summer of 2021, he consulted Emmanuel Macron’s vaccination file twice to warn of a flaw in the protection of medical data. Here he is suspended for two weeks. Doctor Michaël Rochoy told franceinfo on Tuesday September 19 that he was banned from exercising for two weeks, confirming information from the specialized site Egora. The sanction, pronounced by the disciplinary chamber of the council of the Order of Physicians of Hauts-de-France for “breaches of ethical obligations”runs from November 1st to 15th.

“It’s a sanction that I consider disproportionate”, reacts the general practitioner, whose office is located in Outreau, in Pas-de-Calais. He compares it to that inflicted on the former director of the University Hospital Institute (IHU) in infectious diseases in Marseille. “Didier Raoult, for all of his work, having advocated an ineffective and unnecessarily dangerous treatment [contre le Covid-19, l’hydroxychloroquine]took a blame from him”he points out.

“It’s not really a violation of medical confidentiality in my opinion”

Michael Rochoy


“I have a sanction which is higher for having consulted, without revealing it to anyone, the pass [vaccinal]Emmanuel Macron’s QR code, twice, at a time when we knew his vaccination status, so it was not a secret”further deplores this pro-vaccination activist. “This is not really a violation of medical confidentiality in my opinion, but the disciplinary chamber decided otherwise”recognizes the one who “completely accept” Punishment.

“I’m not going to appeal, because otherwise it’s going to drag out this story, and afterward, we also have to put the harshness of the sanction into perspective. Concretely, it’s going to be two weeks of leave imposed on me”declares the doctor in question. “In history, those who are penalized are not me, they are my patients”, he points out. So, “for two weeks, for urgent care”it will not be “not here”.

Michaël Rochoy warned the Élysée the same evening

Doctor Michaël Rochoy also discusses the facts. “During a consultation”He understands “completely by chance we can have almost everyone’s pass” via an online file. “I say to myself ‘all the same, I hope that there was a blockage at a certain level, just so that no one makes up a list of politicians, directors, actors, according to their vaccination status and that it leaks’ “. To find out for sure, he tries to access Emmanuel Macron’s vaccination file, and succeeds. “in two seconds”.

“When I realized it, I called the Élysée the same evening to report two things: that we can consult the President of the Republic’s pass, and that there was an error in the President’s pass. [entre la date de vaccination mentionnée et celle rendue publique]which could damage its reputation and harm vaccination”, he says. According to him, the presidency has not “nothing done with this information”. In this case, he assures that he has “tried to be transparent at all times”.

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