“A co…”, Karine Le Marchand hasn’t finished crushing Justine from “L’amour est dans le pré”

This season, only one couple was able to survive after Love is in the meadow. Indeed, when no one thought that their story would last, Patrice and Justine decided to continue their adventure at the end of the 18th season of Love is in the meadow unlike other farmers, with their suitors.

Maria did not wish to continue her adventure with Jean-Paul, while Clément separated from Manon. Same situation for Charles and Véronique. While everyone thought that the farmer and his suitor were made for each other, the young woman’s jealous side led to the breakup. It was alone that Charles appeared on the balance sheet facing Karine Le Marchand,

saddened by the situation. This Monday, November 27, 2023, the host returned to the “failure” of this 18th season at the microphone of Franceinfo. During her visit, she also mentioned the case of Patrice and Justine.

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Karine Le Marchand adds a layer on Justine

If they are still a couple today, the host is aware that the behavior of the contender towards her farmer has caused a lot of problems. So much so that many sequences were cut during editing. “We didn’t show everything more, it was worse”she assured before continuing: “Imagine that you have your best friend who is going out with a bitch. Do you tell him? He is madly in love, he wants to stay with her and you tell him nicely once, twice… There, for Justine and Patrice, we could clearly see that Justine had behaviors that were not suited to a love story and that Patrice was not summoning the courage to set limits. And we were all afraid that there would be some kind of abuse of weakness.”

Even if Karine Le Marchand assures that it is a means used as a last resort, this couple did indeed require the intervention of production as indicated by Stéphane Plaza’s sidekick. “We monitor as much as possible. We have a psychologist, we offered to send her there. She spoke to both of them a lot”she initially confided before adding: “Both have difficult pasts so it’s complicated to be a couple too. Patrice came to see me and said: ‘Karine, I can’t talk to Justine. I need you to help me because I don’t dare’. In fact, it was enough to help him”. In the end, this intervention seems to have served to calm the situation and keep the couple together.


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