a close friend of Florent Pagny makes revelations about his return to the stage as he fights against cancer

Florent Pagny has been fighting cancer for over a year now. In January 2022, very thin and weakened, the singer had to announce the sad news to his audience and was thus forced to cancel his concert tour. Since then, the 61-year-old singer has publicized his fight against the disease by regularly giving news on his state of health through the media.

Thus, on May 25, Florent Pagny spoke on the set of Télématin. “I’m lucky, the protocol works great every time. Now I understand, I stop not taking it” he had confided to Julia Vignali, referring to the voluntary cessation of his immunotherapy treatment decided after his first chemotherapy. And the treatment has obviously paid off since the artist is finally back on stage. “I do festivals. I feel fit to be able to be on the attack. In June, I have to return to physical service and go out on the pitch.” he launched during his passage on France 2.

On June 30, he reconnected with his audience by appearing at the Festival de Nîmes. “Florent Pagny took the stage with “L’Instinct” and his crazy final note which went like a letter in the post. What a fighter!”, “What emotion! With a choked voice and tears in his eyes, he thanked his public” rejoiced the journalist Steven Bellery present during the event.

This Sunday, July 16, 2023, a member of his team has also made revelations about this concert, in the columns of Parisian. “I had never seen him so stressed. But the first date reassured him about his state of form and his voice. He even found bass he didn’t have before. That said, the tour is long, the treatment continues and it must be preserved.he declares.
Florent Pagny who will have to ensure 17 dates until September will have to follow the strict rules of his doctors. The latter would have strongly recommended to him not to overdo it and to follow a well-established routine in order to stay in shape.


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