a candidate stops singing in the middle of a performance… Mika, Zazie, and the others, forced to get up from their seats and intervene!

Emotion will again invade viewers for the Super Cross Battles of “The Voice” this Saturday, May 20. And not just for Mika’s return. Indeed, the telecrochet of TF1 continues on its way, even if the darlings are eliminated. Last week, the elimination of Elise caused a lot of talk on social networks. And angered some internet users. Announced “winner” in the polls against DAME, the young Lyonnaise was finally released.

A few minutes after this elimination, many Internet users expressed their anger. “It’s incredible”, “It’s the first cross battle where I don’t agree with the public, really disappointed for Élise, another one of my favorites who is leaving”, “I’m going to break my TV , is that a joke? Not Elise, no!”deplored many twittos while others have even launched a petition to try to bring back their favorite singer.

LADY, overwhelmed by emotion in “The Voice”

And skeptics could well come out of their hinges in front of the episode of May 20, 2023. An episode in which DAME will defend her place after having taken over Elise. But fate will decide otherwise. Indeed, as we were able to discover in a publication published this Thursday, May 18 by the Instagram account of “The Voice”the artist will not succeed in singing.

As he plays the first notes of his piece, the man on the crutch will abdicate: “I can’t…”. He will stop dead in the middle of the song, forcing the coaches to get up from their seats and support him. “Come on, don’t worry, we’re here!”, “Come on!”, “Enjoy!”, will launch him Bigflo & Oli, Mika, or even Zazie. Unfortunately, we will have to follow the entire episode to know if LADY will take over her emotions or not.


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