a bill to improve the care of patients at the end of life


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Health: a bill to improve the care of patients at the end of life

Health: a bill to improve care for patients at the end of life – (France info)

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The end-of-life bill will be presented during the month of February, announced the Minister for Health Professions on Saturday, December 9. A report recommends around fifteen measures, relating in particular to support and palliative care.

For end-of-life patients, this is a new model of care, as part of a strategy for the next 10 years. We will no longer talk about palliative care but about supportive care, in accordance with the report unveiled on Saturday December 9, and submitted to Minister Agnès Firmin-Le Bodo.

Support homes

Among the priorities, the report provides for the creation of support homes. These will be intermediate places, less medicalized than hospital palliative care services. They will be intended for people who are too weak and unable to stay at home. “Sometimes home is no longer possible, but hospital is not yet entirely necessary”, comments the Minister of Health Professions. This new model should be operational from 2025.

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