a “ball of fire” was observed in the sky, a call for witnesses launched

The phenomenon took place at 7:46 a.m. Tuesday in the sky over several departments of the Pyrenees.


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The car of January 16, 2024, filmed from Zucaina (Spain) by Vicent Ibàñez.  (RADIO FRANCE / SPMN-CSIS)

A “ball of fire” was observed in the sky over several departments of the Pyrenees on the morning of Tuesday January 16, reports France Bleu Roussillon. The phenomenon, which took place at precisely 7:46 a.m. Tuesday morning, is linked to the entry of an extraterrestrial body into the atmosphere. It has been seen from the Catalan country to the Basque Country, that is to say from Perpignan to Bayonne, but also in Spain.

According to an astronomer contacted by France Bleu Roussillon, the phenomenon, commented on social networks by witnesses, was filmed by several cameras from the Fripon network (a network of cameras which continuously monitors the sky to detect fireballs). This will make it possible to reconstruct the precise trajectory of the “bolide” and its possible point of impact with the Earth, unless it is completely disintegrated in flight.

Call for testimonials

Specialized sites are launching a call for testimonials: “If you have observed it, do not hesitate to send us an observation report online. It’s quick, fun, does not require skills in science or astronomy, and it can be very useful for us to reconstruct the trajectory of the object! Thanks in advance!”we can read on the Vigie Ciel website.

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