A $500 million QScale project abandoned in Saint-Bruno due to lack of electricity

QScale’s futuristic data processing center in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, on the South Shore of Montreal, will ultimately not see the light of day due to failure to obtain the necessary electricity, announced its CEO Martin Bouchard .

“Unfortunately, this new QScale campus cannot come to fruition in the current context, following a recent unfavorable decision from Hydro-Québec and the Ministry of the Economy, Innovation and Energy (MEIE), concerning our demand for food,” explained its CEO, Martin Bouchard, on the social network LinkedIn on Monday.

“Aware of the energy challenges that Quebec faces, we nevertheless cannot hide our disappointment,” he added.

In its message, QScale says it regrets not being able to implement its partnership with Énergir and the City of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville to recover heat from its center to “heat several thousand new housing units in a green way and affordable.

In November 2022, The newspaper reported that QScale wanted to open a second campus in Saint-Bruno, after that of Lévis, even if the latter had not yet concluded contracts with a first client.

-Further details will follow.

-With the collaboration of Sylvain Larocque


Government of Quebec

  • $60 million ready
  • $30 million shares
  • $5 million debenture (loan)

Desjardins regional and cooperative capital (supported by tax credits)

  • $20 million ready

Private investors (nine Quebecers)

Total: $200 million

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