2024 presidential election | Trump promises massive “deportation operation” of migrants if he wins

(Washington) Former US President Donald Trump welcomed the rejection of the immigration bill, saying that if elected to the White House, he would lead a massive “deportation operation” on the first day of his mandate.

The billionaire used all his influence with Republican elected officials in Congress to block the text, depriving President Joe Biden, whom he will probably face in the November election, of success on the sensitive issue of immigration .

“Let’s not forget that this week we also won a big victory that all conservatives should celebrate. We have crushed this crook Joe Biden’s disastrous plan on open borders,” he said at a public meeting in South Carolina. “The whole group did a great job at Congress. We crushed it. »

Under pressure from Mr. Trump, Republican elected officials seem to have decided to block any reform of migration policy before the presidential election.

The former president, who built his popularity during his first victorious campaign by promising the construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico, assured that the expulsion of migrants would be one of his priorities.

“On day one, I will end all of the Biden administration’s open border policies and we will launch the largest domestic deportation operation in U.S. history. We have no choice,” he said.

The agreement blocked in Congress provided, in addition to migration reform, an additional aid package for Ukraine and Israel.

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