2024 presidential election | Mike Pence will start the race next week

(Washington) Former Vice President Mike Pence will declare his candidacy for the White House next week, challenging his former boss Donald Trump in an increasingly crowded Republican primaries.

On Wednesday June 7, the day of his 64th birthday, the curator will publish a video to formalize his entry into the running, will participate in a rally in the city of Des Moines in Iowa and will end the day on a set of the CNN channel, confided relatives, on condition of anonymity, to several media.

Evangelical Christian, fierce opponent of abortion, Mike Pence had helped Donald Trump conquer the religious right by being his running mate during the 2016 presidential campaign.

After years of unwavering loyalty, he changed his tune because of the assault on the Capitol, which rocked American democracy on January 6, 2021.

That day, Mike Pence led, as vice president, the session in Congress, during which the elected officials had to certify the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election of 2020. Although he only has a role formal, Donald Trump had insisted that he refuse to validate the election of the Democrat.

The former governor of Indiana did not comply, which earned him strong enmity among the billionaire’s supporters. Entering the Capitol by force, some had called to “hang” Mike Pence, who had to hide in a hurry.

He has since judged that the president’s words had been “irresponsible” and had “endangered” him. He also felt that history would hold Donald Trump “responsible” for this attack.

“Help Me God”

The break between the two men jeopardizes the chances of Mike Pence, whom many activists loyal to Donald Trump continue to consider a “traitor”.

The man with the wise white wick peaks around 3.8% of voting intentions, far behind the former president (53.2%), according to the average of the latest polls carried out by the RealClearPolitics site.

He is also outdistanced by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (22.4%), who is also betting on a very conservative speech, but in a more offensive tone, as well as a hair by the former ambassador to the UN. Nikki Haley (4.4%).

However, he has been preparing his candidacy for months.

After releasing a book titled So help Me Godthe former radio host has traveled the country, multiplying the speeches in states likely to make a difference in the Republican primaries.

Two weeks ago, his allies launched a “Committed to America” campaign exploratory committee to support him and raise funds.


Next week, another Republican figure, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, 60, is also expected to enter the race for the Republican nomination. He too was close to Donald Trump before cutting ties after the attack on the Capitol.


chris christie

They join a growing field of candidates – which also includes the only African-American Republican senator Tim Scott, ex-Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson and business leader Vivek Ramaswamy – which could favor the dispersion of votes and, ultimately, Donald Trump.

But, at 76, the former real estate magnate is facing indictment in New York for accounting malfeasance and is the subject of several legal investigations for his role in the assault on the Capitol or his management of the White House archives.

The winner of the Republican primary will likely face President Biden, 80, who plans to seek a second term.

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