2024-2025 season of The Unicorn | Laugh and cry in the same year

Whether in its large room or in its intimate room, the La Licorne theater is betting next season on taking the public on a journey between intimate dramas and unapologetic laughter. On the program: Quebec creations and texts (three!) from Spain.

The event

The space left vacant by Julie Surprenant


Julie deals with the void left in his friends by the disappearance of Julie Surprenant.

In 1999, the disappearance of 16-year-old Julie Surprising shook Quebec as a whole. Sarianne Cormier was one of his friends. For writing Julie, the playwright was inspired by the story experienced by her group of comrades in the wake of this drama. Between the beatings and the interrogations, they will seek to weather this storm together. Here, the text gives space to those who remain, to those who must deal with the guilt and continue to live with this perpetual doubt: what happened?

At La Grande Licorne, from October 8 to November 16.

We are intrigued

A shades of beige


The beige shownotably with Irdens Exantus, Raphaëlle Lalande and Simon Lacroix, promises to be comical to say the least.

Beige, the color of boredom? We doubt it when we see the fragmented (and dazzling) distribution of Show beige, first play by Camille Giguère-Côté! Indeed, Simon Lacroix, Ariel Charest, Raphaëlle Lalande and company will perform the short scenes that make up this “absurd and crazy” comedy directed by director Pascale Renaud-Hébert. It will be about our obsession with living to the fullest, our need for grandeur and this strong desire to leave our mark. This is enough to make our mouths water!

At La Grande Licorne, from January 21 to 1er March 2025.

And also

Spain rue Papineau


Bruno Marcil and Évelyne Rompré will share the stage in My little filly.

Next season, three productions will arrive directly from the country of Cervantes. Bruno Marcil and Évelyne Rompré will be brought together in December in a play addressing the issue of bullying: My little filly. From the end of August, the comedy with the appearance of a detective story The boy in the last row will highlight the power of writing and imagination. Finally, in March at La Petite Licorne, Ève Landry will be in the cast of LibertyCatalan text about the shock caused by the loss of a newborn.

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