13-year-old child slapped by a security guard, fan assaulted … the videos that shock the web

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing. For the past ten days, the major French fashion houses and a few foreign ones such as Balenciaga, Victoria Beckham or Miu Miu have been presenting their Spring/Summer 2023 collections. The streets of the capital are therefore in turmoil as models, designers, journalists from around the world worldwide, world-renowned influencers, celebrities but also fans jostle on the sidewalks.

In recent years, more and more fans have taken part in the event, waiting patiently at the exit of the parade grounds or at the exit of the major Parisian hotels to hope to meet their favorite celebrities. On TikTok, many of them share videos of their meeting with Bella Hadid or even Doja Cat.

On Twitter, the story is different since it is the slippages on the sidelines of Fashion Week that are mentioned. For several hours, several videos showing violence committed by security guards, bodyguards or paparazzi have been strongly relayed. One of them shows, for example, a 13-year-old child being slapped by a security guard, on the sidelines of the Louis Vuitton fashion show. Something to scandalize Internet users who are now mobilizing to find this man who, according to them, must be punished and suspended from his job.


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