11 people injured after Boeing 737 goes off runway

Diass international airport, near Dakar, was temporarily closed following this incident, the airport manager said.


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Diass international airport, near Dakar (Senegal), July 8, 2023. (FATMA ESMA ARSLAN / ANADOLU AGENCY)

The black streak continues for Boeing. Eleven people were injured during the night of Wednesday May 8 to Thursday May 9, including four seriously, after an Air Senegal plane left the runway during takeoff. This incident, the latest in a long series affecting the American manufacturer’s aircraft, led to the temporary closure of Diass international airport, near Dakar, which reopened in the morning.

According to the same source, the device “came to a standstill” off the track. “All emergency services at the airport were mobilized for the evacuation of passengers and their care as planned,” the group continued.

Repeated incidents for the American aircraft manufacturer

On Tuesday, passengers on a Boeing 787 chartered by Air France, departing from Paris for Seattle (United States) were diverted to Iqaluit, Canada, after the crew noticed “the appearance of a hot smell felt in the cabin”, according to the French airline.

Three of the four commercial aircraft models currently manufactured by the American group are officially covered by an investigation by the American Civil Aviation Regulatory Agency (FAA)including the 787 “Dreamliner”.

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