100,000 euros per episode of “Camping Paradis”? Its producer confirms!

Since 2006, Laurent Ournac has brilliantly played Tom Delormes, the director of the famous Camping Paradise which gives its name to the cult series broadcast on TF1. Over the years, his charismatic and endearing character has captured the hearts of viewers, making the program a real success. Thanks to his talent for interpretation, the actor revealed in My amazing fiancé has become an emblematic figure of the French small screen. So much so that to this day, he is one of the highest paid personalities.

In any case, this is what its producer, Jean-Luc Azoulay, said on the set of the show At Jordan’s this Tuesday, September 19, 2023. Determined to obtain the exact salary of the 43-year-old actor, Jordan De Luxe therefore questioned the co-founder of the company AB Productions. Is it at least 100,000 euros per episode?”, he asked. A question to which the principal concerned was unable to answer.

“I give you my word of honor that I don’t know because I don’t monitor these figures, it’s my teams who monitor that. But logically yes, it’s completely normal”he assured before adding: “I think that stars are exceptional people and that they deserve something exceptional because there are few of them. It’s like football players, there are not 1000 Mbappé so when people stand out from the crowd, I think it’s normal that their talents are rewarded. Is that too much? Maybe.”

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Laurent Ournac transformed

Subsequently, Jean-Luc Azoulay also spoke about his foal’s weight loss and the impact of his physical transformation on Camping Paradis. In general, young women said that he was more attractive like that and then older people said that he was more of a man before. But he always kept his good nature, that’s what made him strong, he was always a nice person, fat or thin, so it’s not the appearance that’s important. He needed it. I have the same problem. From a certain point, you have to lose weight because otherwise you start to drag yourself.”


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